Local schoolsMany of our local primary and secondary schools are involved with the Wilfred Owen Festival and are engaged in producing various types of art work to be shown on the Artists Trail during the festival. Alongside of this a series of free day long workshops have been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund to offer primary school children a Horrible Histories style experience that will culminate in the production of both artwork and poetry. These workshops are delivered by Debora Alma (The Emergency Poet)  https://emergencypoet.com/

Schools are also participating at primary level with a handwriting competition that will see winners inscribe words from Wilfred Owen’s poems onto wax tablets that will then be cast into the bronze statue.

Four local secondary schools, Oswestry School, The Marches, Lakelands and Morton Hall have all chosen poems written by individual children, these again will be cast into the statue. The Derwen College students have also produced a group poem that will also be added.